Posted on 05-Mar-2019

Michele Bolitho - Michele the Celebrant


For us Canberrans, the intense dry heat of summer just gone, has been rather hard to take, but all the crepe myrtle trees around town have been rejoicing. They've responded with magnificent trusses of blooms and strong new growth.

Last week - right at the end of summer - there was a small private wedding in my Heart Garden (private = no online photos). We got gorgeous photos of the bride as she stood under the big white crepe myrtle. I was out of sight, shaking the branches. White petals that I call 'Mother Nature's confetti', floated down upon her. Some stayed in her hair. The effect was quite magical.

Happiest couple, Jack and Jordan (above), married in March 2017.

If the wedding of your dreams is a small and intimate one, in a beautiful romantic garden, then I invite you to marry in the Heart Garden. There's never been any extra fee for this. I welcome you and your special people as my guests.

If you bring the bubbly, I'll put out the crystal flutes, and if you'd like to make an entrance along the garden path to a piece of music you'll both remember always, just bring the track on your phone. We'll use my cable and wireless amp to spread your music through the garden.

Remember that you must give at least one month's notice to your celebrant (or church) if you choose to marry in Australia. You'll find a Notice of Intended Marriage on my blog, plus lots of helpful information.
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